Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie refused to dance on ‘This Week’ and it was completely glorious

All hail Bobby Gillespie

Last night, Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie appeared on BBC’s This Week to discuss why he thinks that a Hard Brexit could spell disaster for the UK.

Yes you read that correctly, it actually happened and it’s the kind of bonkers booking that could only really happen in the upside down world of 2018.

“Politically, we’re going backwards, we’re going back to the 30s”, Gillespie told host Andrew Neil in an impassioned address.


Incredibly, this wasn’t even the weirdest thing to happen. As Neil drew the show to a close he encouraged his guests to take part in the Skibidi challenge – a particularly irritating dance phenomenon that is infecting the internet like a bad case of the clap.

But while Neil joined Michael Portillo and Labour’s Caroline Flint in delivering a dad-dancing masterclass, Gillespie knew better than to lower himself to their level of cringe.

Instead, he sat there with a stony silence like a goddamn champ. A look that says “I’m the man who made Screamadelica and I’m not lowering myself to your level”.

More importantly, it reminds us of being dragged to a godawful nightclub for one more drink at 4AM when our beds seem like the only logical destination.


In a nutshell, it was pure magic, and a strong contender for the best TV moment of 2018. This lot thought the same too.


The lesson to learn here is simple – be more Bobby.

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