Listen to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ played on a 100-year-old organ

Queen's most famous hit rocks surprisingly hard on this antique fairground instrument

You’ve scuttled past them before, at Christmas markets, on school museum trips or while being hassled for change by a pushy Harlequin on a misguided trip to Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. Those chintzy antique mechanical fairground organs covered in figurines of cheery Bavarians high-kicking along to beer hall oompah music that sounds like it’s being played by a drunk R2D2.

Well I bet you never thought you’d ever want to headbang to one. But that day has come – someone has slaved for weeks to punch out every operatic wibble and punchy stadium riff of Queen’s most famous hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and fed it into a particularly ornate fairground contraption covered in mechanical xylophones, drums and pictures of great classical composers who, strangely, don’t spin in little woodwork graves as the song progresses.

The weird thing is, on a piece of equipment invented at the midpoint between the song’s opera and rock elements, it really works. What starts off sounding like a cold, quaint and impersonal rendition develops the warmth of familiarity and a certain pipe-organ grandeur by its second chorus. By the end, you could imagine the thing going down a storm at Download. Check it out.