Bon Iver Erotica – 10 Sexiest Posts

Ever since he was nominated for an armful of Grammys, Bon Iver has become a figure of pop culture fun. The log cabin, the mumbling singing style… he’s essentially the Ryan Gosling of Pitchfolk, having crossed over over from singer-songwriter to fully-fledged meme.


So we’re not too surprised by this Tumblr of Bon Iver Erotica. Yes you read that right. Each post features an oh-so-romantic imaginary scenario, precision-engineered to make a certain type of hipster go weak at the knees. Here are our 10 favourites.

This morning, after our passionate and tender lovemaking, Bon Iver brought me fresh-brewed coffee in a mug he’d carved out of the branch of a tree that fell in the wind. I sipped it while he hummed and assembled his ice-fishing gear.


Bon Iver woke me up this morning with 40 solid minutes of loving cunnilingus, then whistled a new song while he pulled on his Carhartt jeans.


Today Bon Iver wrapped me in his flannel, which smelled like charred pine and licorice, and took me outside to show me a perfect spiderweb.


Bon Iver insisted on washing my hair, and afterwards he braided it, weaving in fresh lavender and pussy willow buds.


Bon Iver is standing in the snow with his shirt off, just listening.


I’m at the farmer’s market with Bon Iver. We can’t decide which artisan cheese we like the most! We propped our bicycles against a bush and made love by the creek and then had raspberry pie.

For a long time I was afraid to ask, but Bon Iver does want our child to be born at home, in the family bed.


I’m lying in bed right now, and Bon Iver is chopping up heirloom tomatoes for our frittata.


Bon Iver wouldn’t tell me what my surprise was, but when I awoke to the sound of Mendelssohn on an antique cello, I just knew.

As we lay naked before the fireplace, I asked Bon Iver about his idea of earthly happiness. ‘To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of flannel and climbing trees, and to have, within easy distance, a pond rich with trout.’

Bon Iver Erotica