Bonobo, Four Tet, Floating Points – Free MP3 Downloads

I always thought Bonobo‘s ‘chillout’ tag was a bit unneccessary. Sure, The Ninja Tunes DJ/producer can be a bit laid back, but he’s never bland or background, and his fourth album ‘Black Sands’ confirms the mind of a man continually raking the globe for new ideas. Asian-influenced with forays into soul, jazz and two-step it’s an intriguing record.


‘We Could Forever’ is one of the stand out tracks, mixing as it does highlife guitars with deep bass runs and a flute pattern seemingly nicked from The Prodigy’s ‘3 Kilos’.


Download Bonobo‘s We Could Forever

Bonobo is running a remix competition on his site, where you can upload your own music (whatever the genre, length, or quality) and get people to vote for it – he’ll remix one of the most popular tracks. ‘Black Sands’ is out March 23rd in the US and March 29th elsewhere, preceded by the single ‘Eyesdown’, which comes backed with some excellent remixes from Warrior One (pick it up on his site, where you can also pre-order the album) and Floating Points:

Floating Points aka London’s Sam Shepherd is a producer worth keeping an eye on; he recently remixed Four Tet’s single ‘Sing’, doubling its length into a 14-minute epic.

Four Tet, while we’re on the subject, once covered Black Sabbath‘s ‘Iron Man’ which I never knew about (get it here) and more recently remixed a Pantha Du Prince / Panda Bear track – get that one at Discobelle.