Bradley Wiggins – ‘Music Has Been A Constant In My Life’

He might not have ridden down the Champs Elysees on a Vespa, but Bradley Wiggins is King of the Mods. The cyclist has made history twice this year after becoming the first Brit to conquer the Tour de France in its entire 99-year history, and on Wednesday brought home Olympic gold to become the country’s most decorated Olympic athlete – all in appropriately pruned sideburns and slimfit clobber. Unsurprisingly, Wiggo’s music taste fits his Welleresque barnet like a tailored tonic suit. Button your Fred Perry to the top and salute his Modness by taking in this playlist of songs that inspire a sporting hero.

Wiggo tells us:

Making a playlist is a bit difficult,because it changes every time, that’s the thing. These aren’t necessarily just for training or anything, music is just a constant in my life.

Paul Weller – ‘Whirlpool’s End’
I just love it! I like the different movements in it, but other than that I’m not sure why. It’s not necessarily for the lyrics, they’re not really meaningful to me in any way.

Dr Feelgood – ‘In The City’

I love Dr Feelgood. Wilko Johnson is one of my all-time favourite guitarists.

The Who – ‘Heatwave’

Circa the late 60s when they were playing the Marquee they used to cover Martha And The Vandellas’ ‘Heatwave’, which is one of my favourite Who songs. The Jam covered it as well, but I prefer The Who’s version.

Nolan Porter – ‘Keep On Keeping On’
A great northern soul track. Early Joy Division covered that. It’s dark and actually quite scary.

The Smiths – ‘Headmaster’s Ritual’

A lot of variety here, but each remind me of a certain time in my life. This tune reminds me of being at primary school, listening to the Smiths and early Weller.

Paul Weller – ‘Stanley Road’

I’ve been listening to ‘Stanley Road’ a lot lately. I hadn’t for a while so you end up going in circles and revisiting stuff a lot. But no particular tracks, I’ve just been listening to it as a whole really.

The Jam – ‘In The City’

I listen to that a lot.


Why I love Weller

When I was eleven, I discovered his first solo album and then delved into the roots of that with The Jam and stuff. I’m also really into Steve Cradock’s latest solo album, which is kind of psychedelic a little bit Beatlesque – his solo work is completely different to Paul Weller’s solo stuff. Weller’s more recent stuff I don’t really like as much, some of it’s good, but some of it’s a bit too out threre for me. While Steve Cradock has stayed with that Ocean Colour Scene thing, which was my first love really in the early 90s.