Brandon Flowers On The Future Of The Killers: ‘We’re Waiting For Lightning To Strike’

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers plays a one-off solo show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire tonight (November 16). NME caught up with him ahead of the gig to find out more about his future solo plans and when we can expect to hear new Killers tunes…

Are you going to do more solo work in the future?

Brandon: “If The Killers want to take a year or two off then there’s no reason for me not to make a solo record but if the fires are burning in the band then there will be a Killers record.”

Have you started work on a new Killers album then?
“We’re writing – we’re in the early stages. When you get older you get more accustomed to doing it and it gets harder in a way. It’s easier to write a song and finish a song now, than when we used to really slave over it and the songs would be too long or we don’t know exactly what we’re doing. Now it’s more second nature [but] it’s harder to sift through what’s terrible and what’s great, because it’s so easy to complete a song. So I think that’s where you get a lot of bands being complacent and just going through the motions. You get a lot of bands that don’t do great things later on, and so hopefully because I’m aware of that we can really do something better and something great this time.”

You’ve said before you weren’t entirely happy with the last Killers record – why?
“Everybody wasn’t on board last time. I’m not going to say any names, but we just weren’t 100% for whatever reason. People go through life and all have different experiences and I think if we can just get on the same page and really apply what we’ve learnt from over a 1000 shows now and playing clubs and stadiums and all of that and really apply what we’ve learnt over the years that’s what I’m excited about.”

Your solo stuff is very poppy – do you think you’ll try and bring that kind of sound into the studio?
“We never really set out to do anything, you just sort of wait for lightning to strike. That’s the best way, but it’s elusive, ol’ lightning. It’s a son of a bitch, you never know when it’s gonna happen!”

Have you got a timeline of when you’re expecting fans to be able to hear some new stuff?
“No. In a perfect world I think the end of 2016 maybe, there’ll be something.”

Are you looking to do festivals next year or your own shows?
“I don’t know. We don’t want to overstay our welcomes at the festivals. I wouldn’t rule out anything but we’re really focused on this record.”

Perhaps in 2017 Glastonbury and Reading will be in your sights?

“Yeah, of course, an invitation will always be welcome!”