Bra Shopping With Kylie, A Shit-Making Machine and Men In Pants – The ‘Best’ Bits Of Eurotrash

1990s television oddity Eurotrash is back for one night only. The camp, crude and sometimes utterly disgusting show will air a Brexit special on the eve of the EU referendum (June 22) on Channel 4. Essentially the internet before the internet was the internet, it was a late night telly dump filled with sex, sauciness and the kind of totally gross things that your mates WhatsApp you at inappropriate times. “Boasting spectacular sets, cheeky yarns, gargantuan boobies, oddball antics, and of course – naked people in places you wouldn’t expect to see naked people,” is how Channel 4 described the show. Pure class.

If you’re too young to have snuck into the living room to illicitly watch the Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier-hosted show when you should have been tucked up in bed – or if you just need your memory jogging as to all the programme’s outrageous happenings – read on, for some of the ‘best’ bits from the utterly NSFW show, which ran from 1993 until 2007.

The shit machine

Introducing you to Cloaca – a machine which makes poo. Put food in one end, and yes, you’ve guessed what comes out of the other. An invention to rival the wheel.


Buying bras with Kylie

In 1995, a red-headed Kylie Minogue was interviewed on the show. In typical Eurotrash fashion, she then took a camera crew to an underwear shop in Paris before commenting on the sexual prowess of former lover Michael Hutchence. Also, skip to the end of the clip for a cameo from Pepe and Popo, the programme’s ‘famous’ puppet giraffes.

Romeo cleaners

Two German men in thongs who were sent to clean people’s houses and do a spot of presenting on the side. Enjoy their trip to an erotic convention below.


Easty Girls

There was music on the show too, for example, the Easty Girls, two scantily clad women in schoolgirl outfits mixing banging trance with angelic vocals. Terrifying.

Carla Bruni talks the languages of love

Italian supermodel Carla Bruni probs wouldn’t have decided to chat about European sex vocab on the show had she already been the first lady of France.

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