Breakdancing And Lace Condoms – Marina’s Tour Diary

Day 1: Oxford

It’s the first day of the Fly 53 NME Radar Tour, we’re all bounding around like excited kitties and I’m already very familiar with the Family Funsize pack of chocolate on the rider. I have also started to worry about losing my voice (which happens on EVERY tour – ugh).


All the other bands on the bill seem like axe murderers and recently-released mental patients. In fact I found a blood-encrusted axe in Jan from Yes Giantess‘ keyboard case. Weird huh? Being the only girl on tour doesn’t really feel out of the ordinary, and I have discovered a female in the Golden Silvers crew- Lucy (thank LORD)

I felt nervous on stage tonight but the crowd were amazing. The gig went well and we drove back to London in preparation for tomorrow. I’ve just heard that one guy flew all the way from Belgium to see the show. It breaks ma heart…

Day 2: Sheffield

We arrive at our venue, the University of Cock, and my keyboard player, Pete, tells everyone that he wants to be a “rock star” (poor naive kid). I tell him he should probably get another job then. There’s no time for rock n roll anymore.


We hang around the venue for a bit while I dream about losing my voice some more, then stop in our tracks as we see what appears to be a synth-geek dance off. Three members of Yes Giantess are break-dancing their balls off and I feel like I’m in a RUN DMC video.

I relax a bit, put on the equivalent of a lace human condom (lung-crippling tight black dress) and hope that I don’t pass out from not breathing for 3 hours. The show goes really well.

Marina NME Tour

Busy day tomorrow full of promo, an acoustic at House of Fraser (childhood dream come true) and then my lovely girl Ellie Goulding is in town for a show, straight after I finish. Yee ha! Straight back to hotel for bed and ThroatCoat tea. Gym bunny in the morning…

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