Brendan Kelly’s Top Five Bands The Lawrence Arms Have Played With

1) Alkaline Trio
2) Millencolin
3) Hot Water Music
5) Bad Religion

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Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music, besides both being rad bands are some of our great friends. These are guys that we love to hang out with when we’re not on the road when it’s possible and it’s absolutely the highlight of any trip if we run into any of the guys from these bands, no matter where in the world we are. Millencolin took us through Europe and we got along pretty well, even though they’re very different dudes than us, but man, they SLAY live. I was blown away every single night. I went into this tour thinking they were some goofy ska band and left the tour a huge fan.

We, like everyone, grew up listening to NOFX. Now, Mike puts out our records and takes us on tour, and we’re friends, but man, they’re still our heroes. There’s nothing like sitting around with some of your heroes to make you feel, for a fleeting moment that you’ve made some good decisions in your life. Finally, Bad Religion is the band that changed my life when I was a wee lad. We only played one show with them, at Groezrock in Belgium, but when they did Sorrow, the 35,000 person crowd sang along so loudly that I couldn’t even hear the fucking drums, much less the band. Best performance ever.

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