Bring Me the Horizon make live comeback in triumphant secret set at Reading Festival

The Sheffield band were greeted by a packed tent of eager fans

Since Bring Me The Horizon released their new single ‘Mantra’, a series of clues have appeared across the internet hinting the Sheffield band could be making their much-anticipated live return at Reading Festival. The set was as good as confirmed onsite today (August 24), with signs and leaflets scattered across Richfield Avenue reading: “Mantra is here.”

As the clock turns 2:15pm under the canvas of the BBC Radio 1 tent, the place is packed with revellers loudly singing along to the old-school My Chemical Romance being pumped through the PA as they prepare to welcome back their heroes.


The band bound on stage and tear straight into the live debut of ‘Mantra’, with every line screamed back at them, despite the track only having been released two days earlier. Next up is ‘Throne’, before the band greets the adoring audience. “Thanks for watching guys, appreciate it,” Oli Sykes bellows, before launching into 2013’s ‘Can You Feel My Heart’.

Throughout the 40-minute set the band blitz through a string of their greatest hits, with the crowd evolving into swarming circle pits, egged on by Oli. “It feels good to say this again, you need to open this place fucking up again,” the frontman demands during ‘Happy Song’, repeating “push it back, push it back” until the pit extends the entire distance between the two barriers separating the front and back sections of the tent.

‘Antivist’ then results in a crowd holding their middle fingers aloft, and the band’s finale ‘Drown’ involves Oli wickedly encouraging the crowd to “sit the fuck down and have some fun.” Thousands follow his instructions before leaping up for the song’s final chorus.

“Thank you very much for watching this, we’ll be seeing you very soon on out UK tour,” he tells the crowd by way of goodbye as the eight-song set comes to a close. Given the reception they get here, those dates should be nothing short of carnage.

Watch footage of Bring Me The Horizon at Reading Festival below:


Bring Me the Horizon played:

Can You Feel My Heart
Happy Song
Follow You
Shadow Moses