Bring Me The Horizon Trolled Justin Bieber And Zayn And The Internet Couldn’t Handle It

Oli Sykes, the Bring Me The Horizon frontman who recently trashed Coldplay‘s table at the NME Awards, now tweets from the account of his clothing line, Drop Dead. This we know.


So when the Drop Dead account tweeted the below image, since deleted, which seemed to suggest Bring Me The Horizon would be supporting Justin Bieber on his UK Tour alongside recent One Direction-leaver Zayn Malik, the internet lost its actual shit.

Bieber fans were unhappy – or just confused – that the metal band were joining their pop lord.


BMTH fans were disgusted by the supposed pairing of their band with Bieber.

There was another, almost inexplicable third category that was loving the idea.

Meanwhile, Oli Sykes was having a not-so-private lol in the corner.

Then the lols stopped and he had to clarify, for the sake of his lawyers and Zayn’s.

Note that he doesn’t rule out touring with Bieber completely, though…

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