We Bet You Can’t Name The 50 BRIT Award Winners In This Illustration

It’s BRITs week! With the glitzy, A-list ceremony taking place this Wednesday at London’s The O2, what better way to get in the mood for the Ant’n’Dec-presented festivities than by taking on a stiff visual challenge?

Intrigued? You should be – courtesy of music-streaming service Deezer, celebrated artist Mohan Ballard has created a BRITs-themed pictorial test for you to test both your visual and musical referential skills. The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify 50 previous BRIT award-winners from the past 40 years from the clues dotted around the below picture.

So go on – spend the next thirty minutes (or more, this isn’t school) of your day trying to name all of the 50 artists represented here. It’s a tough one, so if you get stuck take a look at the answers, which are posted after the jump.



The Answers

Ready? No peeking if you’re not!


Adele – A Dell laptop

Amy Winehouse – Off Licence with big bee hive hair do

Arcade Fire – Arcade machine on fire

Arctic Monkeys – Monkeys in artic setting/frozen monkey

The Bangles – A group of bangles on a wrist

Bastille – (Bastille Day) displayed on page of calendar

The Beatles – Two beetles

Black Keys – Two black keys side by side

Chemical Brothers – Two brothers standing next to a test jar

Coldplay – Play button covered in frost, pause and stop buttons next to it

The Corrs – Heaps of apple cores

Culture Club – Globe with all races represented and “Membership” sign

The Cure – Medicine cabinet

David Bowie – Iconic lightning strike on bowtie

Dizzee Rascal – A dizzy child (freckles on his face)

Ed Sheeran – Sheers cutting ginger hair

Eels – Two eels in water

Ellie Goulding – Solid gold ‘L’ and ‘E’ bars

Emeli Sandé– ‘Emeli’ written in sand

Eminem – M&M

Erasure – An eraser

Fatboy Slim – A fat boy standing next to a slim boy

Florence and the Machine – Italian road sign with ‘Firenze’ written on it, next to a machine

Girls Aloud – Boys sign with an X marked across it, girls sign with a tick across it

Green Day – Calendar with one of the days in green

Kaiser Chiefs – Picture of German Kaiser next to two Red Indian Chiefs

Kate Bush – Bush written in a shrubbery bush

Kings of Leon – A crown over Lyon map of France

Lily Allen – Lily flower with Allen key for a stalk

Madonna – The Virgin Mary

MC Hammer – A hammer wearing parachute pants

Ms. Dynamite – Stick of dynamite wearing a woman’s wig

Mumford & Sons – Mum, standing next to a Ford car (detailed with oval blue logo), with two small boys (sons) stood on the other side

Neneh Cherry – A cherry with frizzy black hair

One Direction – Sign post reading ‘One Way’

Pet Shop Boys – Shop front with two boys standing outside, with “CATS” written across one window and “DOGS” across the other

The Police – A couple of police officers

Queen – A Royal Mail stamp (with the Queen’s head on it)

Royal Blood – Bloody crown

Seal – A seal

Spice Girls – Spices dressed up in “Spice Girl” outfits

Steps – A set of steps

Stereo MC’s – Boom box with a mouth and holding a mic

Sting – A stingray

The Streets – Baker Street and Oxford Street

Supergrass – Patch of grass with Superman S in the middle of it

Take That – Clapper board with “THAT” written on the board

Tinie Tempah – Tiny angry man

U2 – U2 bomber plane

Wet Wet Wet – Three yellow triangle ‘wet floor’ signs

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