BRIT Awards 2017: The new Left Shark, Drake’s English and more talking points from the night

There was plenty going on in The O2 tonight

You could never accuse the Brits of not providing us with ample things to talk about online and at work tomorrow. This year was no different, with the winners list, performances and video acceptances giving us a whole host of new topics to mull over for the rest of the week. Expect to see a lot of chat about the below in the next 48 hours…

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The 1975 acceptance speech

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate Matty Healy’s face when the band were announced as the winners of British Group. Have you ever seen a more satisfying expression of pure happiness? And then there was just how much he was shaking when the four-piece went up to pick up their trophy. Enough to make your heart hurt. That would all make them winning worthwhile, but then Matty went and through in one of the most rousing and inspiring speeches of the night, including the invaluable advice “don’t stay in your lane”. Noted, Matty.

The 1975 flashing up all the negative comments they’ve received during their performance

They basically brought ‘The Sound’ video to life, but there was something brilliant about seeing things like “punch-your-TV obnoxious” and “terrible high-pitched vocals over soulless robo beats” flash up on your TV screen. Even more brilliant? Those comments also came up on the screens in the arena too. Genius. Loads of people seem to think they got hacked or sabotaged though…

A lack of grime

Sure, Skepta and Stormzy both performed (the latter coming on with new BFF Ed Sheeran), but in the awards themselves there was a distinct lack of grime. Despite a rack of nominations, neither Skeppy, Stormzy or Kano picked up any silverware – basically a travesty.

Little Mix’s first Brit

It’s hard to believe Little Mix have never one a Brit award before, but tonight they picked up their first ever one when ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ was named British Single Of The Year. The girls themselves were clearly taken by surprise and were obviously very happy about it too. Their acceptance speech was a giddy thing full of joy and emotion that, regardless of what you think of them or their victorious song, had you rooting for them all the way.

Katy Perry’s performance (and the new Left Shark)

Were those massive skeletons meant to be Trump and Hillary? That aside, the world’s wokest pop star put in a performance that was kind of… lacklustre. Not what you’d expect from Perry given her previous performances. If she was trying to make a statement, she was doing it in a very subtle way – and not one that will likely have much impact. It did give us one thing, though – a new Left Shark. One of the little houses on stage with Perry had the misfortune to fall off stage and of course it was all captured on camera. Must be hard to see when you’re a house though, eh?


Drake trying to talk like an English person

Not content with opening his acceptance VT with the phrase “wha gwan”, Drizzy then dropped the sentence “Man had to go Brum”. Or at least we think that’s what he said. It was quite hard to make out through the Toronto accent and our whole body wincing. Someone’s trying to impress the BBK crew a bit too much…

Where were the Robbie bangers?

Tonight, Robbie Williams collected the Brits Icon award. He played live after, but what was in his set? ‘Strong’? No. ”Angels’? No. ‘Let Me Entertain You’? No. ‘Millenium’? No. ‘Rock DJ’? No. ‘Kids’? No. ‘Rudebox’?! NOT EVEN. Instead he did two newer tracks, including ‘Love My Life’, stepped off stage, returned after most people had left and ITV had stopped their coverage and did ‘Feel’. WTF Robbie?