Brooklyn’s Suckers Get Your Body Movin

In some photos NY quartet Suckers look like regular dudes, and in others they look like face-painted hippies from the planet WOAH. This the MGMGT effect, where every Brooklyn band from Amazing Baby to Chairlift is now expected to arrive swaddled in psychedelic robes and doused in pixie dust.

[photo by Victoria Jacob]

It’s true, Suckers penchant for chants and uplifting group harmonies mean they occupy a similar musical space to their Kings County bredren, but their music is relaxed and charming enough to survive without the fancy dress.

It Gets Your Body Movin is their calling card, an epic, sing-scream-and-shout-a-long crescendo of chorus. Pan from the band told me how it came to pass: “It Gets Your Body Movin was written when we were still a three piece. I think it was actually the first song the three of us had written altogether if I’m not mistaken. I had just decided to pick up the trumpet again after about 15 years… I remember being on a train listening to this Love song (the band Love) and there was this kind of call and response thing with a vocal line and the brass section… when I was adding the trumpet part to “Body Movin'” I thought that kind of thing might work well with the song.”

You can download It Get’s Your Body Movin free from Pinglewood.

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