Bruce Springsteen’s New Single Sounds Familiar

‘We Take Care Of Our Own’ finds Bruce Springsteen doing all the things everyone likes Bruce Springsteen to do – ie growling about community and social justice over a thumping backbeat – and is mercifully light on the things he sometimes does but no-one enjoys, such as covering ancient folk tunes called ‘Froggie Went-A-Courtin”.

But have you noticed how the guitar riff is reminiscent of other songs? There’s The Lightning Seeds’ ‘Life Of Riley’ for a start (aka MOTD’s Goal Of The Month theme back in the day)…

Even more of a close match – uncannily so – here’s a track released in 2010 by London’s Goldhawks, called ‘Up On The Altar’. Have a listen and decide for yourself if the similarity is anything more than a weird coincidence.