Busta Rhymes – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells?

Can you name one of the teams the American football star, and your namesake, “Buster” Rhymes played for?
“Confident start. The Minnesota Vikings.”
Correct. He also played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Which of your fellow rappers has also appeared in one of the Halloween films?
“Well, that would be LL Cool J.”
Correct. For a bonus point, do you know how he met his grizzly end in the flick?
“Can I remember how he died? You’ve got me on that one bro.”
He was shot by Jamie Lee Curtis’ character
“OK, I didn’t remember that shit.”

At what position did your 2006 album ‘The Big Bang’ enter the UK charts?
“I don’t remember that one my brother.”
Wrong. It charted at 19
“Well that’s something that was news to me. I never knew that!”
Congratulations on your Top 20 UK hit
“Thanks for putting me on to that information. I’m gonna document that one right there. Thank you very much bro!”

Which song from your 1997 album ‘When Disaster Strikes’ was banned in the US because
of its sexually explicit content?

“I don’t remember any track that was banned in the… oh shit, I think it was a song called ‘It’s All Good’. Wow, you’re really going back to get me some shit, boy!”
Correct. There are definitely some pretty interesting lyrics in that one…
“Yeah, I always wanted people to hear that shit in the United States, but my record label was definitely not condoning that one…”


Which famous rapper was born on the Sunday right after you?
“It was the great Notorious BIG.”
“I’m glad you’re finally having a little mercy on me and coming back to the easier questions and shit.”

Name two of the many artists who made cameos on your 2009 album ‘Back On My BS’.
“I’ll say Fabolous and Alfamega.”
Correct. You could also have said DJ Scratch, Bangladesh, Swizz Beatz and the Flipmode Squad

There’s an unconfirmed world record for most syllables rapped in one second, apparently set by yourself. But with how many syllables?
“I could not even begin to tell you that, because I didn’t even know what the world record was.”
Wrong. Thirteen syllables in one second
“I didn’t even know that I held the record, man. If it’s documented somewhere then holy shit, you’re gonna have me do some celebrating tonight!”

Who did you lose out to for the Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance in 1996?
“I can never remember that one either. You making me feel like a dummy here ’bout my own shit and I don’t like this stuff man!”
Wrong. The winner that year was Coolio, for ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’
“I lost that one to Coolio, huh? He was one of my homies so I don’t feel too bad about that loss, you know. It’s cool. I ain’t mad.”

Complete the lyric: “Back to my dungeon shack, where the party is at…”
“(Laughs) Man you ain’t sayin’ this shit the way it’s supposed to be said, I can’t think what the hell lyrics it is!”
That’s part of the mystery of the quiz!
“That’s not fair, you gotta say it like the way this shit is supposed to sound!”
Wrong. “Where I can tickle your nipples and your feminine fat”, from ‘It’s A Party’
“I’ve gotta revisit that soon, man, and I don’t even remember the fucking lyrics to that song past the first verse! I guess I gotta study that song!”

To the nearest 10,000, how many followers on Twitter do you have at the time of this interview?
“I’ve got a little over 520,000 followers. I love you all.”
Correct. 525,898


Total Score: 6/10

“You sure you ain’t lying to me? I thought I got way more wrong than that! You got me feeling good about this now. I’m probably gonna go bust open a couple of bottles of champagne in a club. You have a great day!”