Cabin Pressure – The In-Flight Meltdowns Of Music’s Big Names

Jason Derulo has said that he and his entourage “were literally trying not to cause a ruckus” at Reno-Tahoe International Airport last week, but a ruckus is literally what they caused. The group kicked up a fuss about not being allowed priority boarding and were then asked to leave the plane before it even departed for Los Angeles (Derulo did the decent thing and fired his travel agent). He’s certainly not the only musician to cause onboard spat though – here are five of the weirdest.

Liam Gallagher and a scone

The wild man of rock apparently once threatened a pilot with a scone. There are many questions about this, but the answer to the main one is that, yes, the scone was buttered. Liam was aboard a flight from Hong Kong to Perth during Oasis’ 1998 Australian tour and was, according to reports, part of a 30-strong entourage drinking, smoking and throwing things at staff and passengers. He later said he’d “rather walk” to Australia than fly with Cathay Pacific again.

Billie Joe Armstrong and his low, low trousers

The Green Day frontman loves that pop-punk style, but that love was not shared by a flight attendant onboard Armstrong’s ill-fated Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland, California to Burbank, California in 2011. “Just got kicked off a Southwest flight because my pants sagged too low,” the then-38-year-old tweeted. “What the fuck? No joke!” Fellow passenger Cindy Qui saw the whole thing and told Californian news station ABC 7 (where she also worked): “A flight attendant approaches him and says, ‘Pull your pants up’. He says, ‘Don’t you have better thing to do than worry about that!?'”

Izzy Stradlin and a very public wee

This might be the weirdest one of all, because aeroplanes have toilets. But sometimes those toilets are occupied and when you’re the guitarist of Guns ‘N’ Roses, at the height of their pomp in 1989, you don’t wait for mere mortals to finish their business. On a flight from Indianapolis to Los Angeles, Stradlin desperately needed a wee and so let it all hang out, spraying the aisle with a majestic golden arc of piss. The plane touched down in Phoenix and two police officers then relieved the musician of his liberty.

Courtney Love and her friend in a high place

In 2003, Courtney swore at cabin crew aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to London and, upon arrival, was arrested for verbal abuse. While in London during this very same trip, the Hole singer attended a party and got chatting to none other than Virgin boss Richard Branson (who started the company as the Virgin Records label). At the time he said: “Virgin Atlantic was built thanks to the rock industry, so I like to think we have a bit more understanding than most airlines… Perhaps our new slogan should be: ‘Rock stars swear by us’.”

Lil Wayne and a joint

You’re kicking back on your own private jet, you can do what you want, right? Nope – not even if you’re Lil Wayne, as he discovered just last month. The pilot of Wayne’s very special flight from Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida instructed him not to light up a joint, but the rapper did so anyway, so the pilot turned the plane around after 17 minutes. That was, presumably, a very expensive spliff.