Call yourself a little monster? Not if you can’t beat our Lady Gaga lyrics quiz

Swot up for those massive Coachella singalongs with our tricky test

How big a Lady Gaga fan do you reckon you are? Whether you think you’re one of the top little monsters or just a casual admirer, our Lady Gaga lyrics quiz will put your fandom to the test. What better time to see how well you know the pop supreme’s back catalogue than when she’s just been announced to replace her ‘Telephone’ collaborator BeyoncĂ© at next month’s Coachella? Her headline sets at the Californian desert festival are bound to provide massive singalongs (as well as spectacular production) whether you’re watching in Indio or on the livestream, or even on YouTube clips afterwards.

Use your results as a marker of just how much to swot up on Gaga’s lines – even if Coachella isn’t on the cards for you, she’s still got a world tour coming up. It’ll call at London, Birmingham and Manchester in October and you don’t want to be racking your brains for the words when you’re trying to sing along to ‘Bad Romance’, do you?

Take the quiz below and don’t forget to share your results with your friends.