Can Queer Eye’s food expert Antoni actually cook? These Twitter users don’t think so

It's the question on everyone's lips

Queer Eye is back, and if you’ve not tuned in yet, log into your Netflix account ASAP and get bingeing, because this is the most wholesome viewing you’re going to have all year. The slick reboot of ’00 show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy features a brand new Fab Five – coaches who each perform their own brand of makeovers – but this time the show has got woke, touching on LGBTQ rights and social commentary. The only show that could destroy toxic masculinity and teach you how to make a planter in under an hour, Queer Eye has already been a huge success, with fans already rallying for a second series just days after the release of the first.

Even so, one thing that viewers are polarised on is the brand new ‘food and wine’ expert, Antoni Porowski, and more specifically whether he can actually cook. In an interview Antoni revealed that before the show he was a a sommelier and food consultant, but due to the simple recipes he’s teaching, the Twitterverse is not convinced.


Throughout the series we see Antoni picking fairly simple recipes. In episode one he shows Tex-Mex connoisseur Tom to make his own guacamole (essentially just mashed avocados and lime juice). In another episode we had glorified cheese toasties – hardly the complex recipes you’d expect from the expert of all things food. Of course, the reason the recipes are simple is that his clients generally need to take baby steps to improve their lifestyle – but Twitter is convinced that Antoni can’t really cook.

Some have noticed his mad skills seem restricted to avo-based dishes:


Whilst some have spotted that his and Bobby’s contribution is ever-so-slightly uneven:

But many don’t seem to care:

Others have been offering up their own dishes of a similar calibre.

Or comparing his skills to other, really difficult things…

Antoni himself has taken the ribbing in good faith, responding to articles about his food-based competence in good grace: