Think You Know Tame Impala Lyrics? Take Our Quiz And Prove It

There’s a fair chance that if you’ve found yourself on this page, then you consider yourself to be a bit of a Tame Impala fan. You might be carrying the flag for ‘Lonerism’, have come in late to the party with ‘Currents’, or maybe even know how to play ’41 Mosquitoes Flying In Formation’ on guitar, but how well do you know the band’s lyrics?

It doesn’t matter if you can recite the strange monologue from ‘Past Life’ or simply know how to bellow the guitar line to ‘Elephant’ aloud, all Tame Impala fans can test their love for Kevin Parker and co by taking our dastardly lyrics quiz.

There’ll be no cheating – I’m watching you at the back there – which means no consultations of lyric websites, no pulling up ‘Innerspeaker’ on Spotify for a cheeky listen, and definitely no six-hour collect calls to Tobias in Perth in the hunt for the right answers.

Your time starts… now!