Canada Calling : Babe Rainbow & Basketball – Free MP3

Something strange is happening in Canada. It seems like such a nice, happy country, but the haunted, malevolent music wheezing out from its bowels suggests a different story. Take Babe Rainbow, who makes dubstep death marches, spooked songs that stumble down endless, murky corridors.

Babe Rainbow
[Photo: Leah Benetti]

Cameron Reed, the man behind the prismatic babe bow, recently collaborated with his creepy countrymen, Basketball. “This song frustrated the hell out of me,” he told me. “I wrote the melody and layered sounds pretty quickly but couldn’t find a percussive pattern I liked. I’ve tried so many different drum loops and was never been happy with it.

“I couldn’t scrap it though, I thought the music was beautiful. It’s not as dark as my other stuff, more heartbreaking, melancholic. I honestly make music for myself so if it affects me I’m doing something right. So my friends in Basketball did the percussion for me on this song. It’s called Proper.”

Read more from Cameron over at Pinglewood.

Download Babe Rainbow’s Proper (featuring Basketball here.

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