Carly Rae Jepsen On New Album Emotion, Rainbow Vomit Emoticons And Her Love Of ‘Weird-Shaped Buildings’

Hello, Jeppo. Your new album’s been very well reviewed. Do you have anything to add to those general thumbs-up-emoji vibes before we move on?

“Just that it took me a really bloody long time!”

Language, Carly.


“But I had a lot of fun making it so it’s good to have it out.”

This said, is it less impressive given that you wrote 250 songs and only 12 made it onto the album? Five per cent is a poor strike rate.

“(Laughs) There were a lot of leaves, and a couple of flowers. I can’t say every song I wrote was an absolute contender for the album, but it was good to get them out of my system.”

When you’re anointed Queen Of The Universe, what will be your first ruling?

“I’m just going to say everyone can have the day off.”

Should your previous album ‘Kiss’ now be reappraised in the same way ‘Bleach’ was reassessed after ‘Nevermind’?


“I had such a rushed time making ‘Kiss’, and I was in yes mode – ‘Yes! I can make an album in two months!’. That was challenging.”

Of the chaps you worked with on the album – Dev Hynes, Ariel Rechtshaid, Rostam Batmanglij – who would you take with you on the run if the police were after you for a crime you hadn’t committed?

“I haven’t thought about that question before.”

Well, let’s think about it now.

“I don’t think any of them have any fighting skills. I’d say it could be whoever wants to go! I’m sorry, that’s a boring answer.”

It’s the honest answer. And that’s always the right answer.

“I suppose they could be good fighters, I just haven’t witnessed their fighting prowess. Nobody really came and attacked me while we were making the album.”

What’s your take on Snapchat’s new rainbow vomit functionality: what does it say about society, and how will it shape society in the future?

“I haven’t noticed this. Oh my gosh. How do you think it will shape society?”

I’m glad you asked. I think embracing the concept of fantasy is very important for creativity. But I also worry that people might hide behind it.

“It’s a deep question, I’ll give you that. I’ll look out for rainbow vomit.”

Finally, some housekeeping. When we spoke about architecture in 2012, you told me your favourite type of building was a white house with coloured doors. Would you like to revise that in 2015?

“Definitely. I like old-school buildings, and I like weird-shaped buildings. The weirder the better. I like bricks.”