‘Catastrophe’: Sharon Horgan And Rob Delaney On Why New Series Will Put People Off Having Babies

Channel 4’s Catastrophe is essential viewing. But don’t take our word for it. Take it from stars and writers Rob Delaney (who plays a man called Rob) and Sharon Horgan (who plays a woman called Sharon):

Rob Delaney:

“The stakes are even higher for our characters this series. They were high in series one because our characters aren’t 20 years old – they had to have a kid then or not have one – but now it’s bananas because they’re parents; it’s a heavy-duty business. Churchill said that “democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried”, and that’s marriage. I could list 50 things that suck about marriage, but what else am I gonna do? With all the energy I don’t spend trying to get laid, I can write a show with my friend Sharon. Marriage can be a good way to structure your life. My hope is that hip young people, when they’re watching, will either think, “Never! Fucking never!” or, “I wanna have five babies right now!” If you feel something in between, throw the TV out of the window and send me the bill.”


Sharon Horgan:

“Having sex with random people is fine at a certain point in your life. That’s no life as you get older, though. I think dating and marriage are even-stevens when it comes to comedy, but if you’re gonna write about children and marriage, you can’t write about it as people who have children and are married. It can’t be knowing and nude-nudge wink-wink. You have to make jokes for everyone; they have to see themselves in what you’re talking about. It’s less of a romantic view of a relationship this time around. There was a lot of reality in the first series, but series two is much more: ‘This is how it is.’ There’s a good chance people will watch it and see their own lives reflected back at them. I hope they feel we’re offering some kind of empathy or kinship and they get a couple of answers from it. Mainly we want people to laugh, but we want to move them a little bit as well.”

The second series of Catastrophe starts on Tuesday 27th October on Channel 4.