Cave Painting, ‘Leaf’ – Free MP3

Alright folks. So this is pretty much the only bio out there on the musical gang from Brighton that go by the name of Cave Painting:

curled up toes for walking on rocks and sand. blessed by the sun. calmed by waving. the stone you take home. tan lines fade. a summer was made. me and four (you’s). the shark. the lark. island. forever. being a spectrum. a sunbeam. a collective. the water after dark. (kilo)metres apart. those calming palms. say yeah palms, leaving our markings, footprints behind. CAVE PAINTING.

Enough to intrigue us? Yep. And so’s their music. You might have heard some buzz about these guys on the blogosphere, but in case you missed it, here’s a free download of their soft Wild Beasts-esque tune ‘Leaf’.

You can also stream the band’s four-track EP ‘You’ll Be Running Soon’ by clicking here.

Cave Painting just wrapped up their UK tour, and they’ll be hitting the studio to begin recording their debut album (via Hideout Records) this December.