Wondering How To Celebrate Leap Day? We Have Four February 29-Tastic Suggestions

Imagine the sense of opportunity you’d feel waking up on Leap Day if it was a holiday: an extra day to do anything you wanted. It’d be like an extra Bank Holiday – but, being quadrennial, way better. Today may be just another Monday, and we may all still be at work, but even though the holiday dream isn’t yet a reality, there are still loads of pop culture moments with which to celebrate the day. Here are five of them.

1. Laugh at crap romcom Leap Day

What makes this film so bad? Is it the script, which forces multiple Oscar-nominee Amy Adams into the shoes of an uptight marriage-craver? Is it the premise, which says that there’s a special Irish law that women can only propose to men on February 29? Is it the fact that you can watch the below trailer and know exactly what you’re getting?

It’s impossible to say, but one thing is for certain: crap films can be a joy to watch, and this one was literally made for February 29.

2. Scream at Leap Day-themed Korean horror film 29 February

If you’re in a darker mood, check out this 2006 horror from South Korea, in which a ticket girl at a tollgate where, every February 29, a murder has occurred, apparently caused by a fatal car accident involving a prisoner transport vehicle 12 years previously.

3. Have some cake for Superman’s birthday

According to this YouTube video about Superman’s real birthday, it’s actually possible to contest the birth date of a character created for comics – but let’s just say it’s February 29, because the below Twitter account is saying so. Go on. Have some super-cake for Kal-El.

4. Relive the Great Leap Day Sitcom Derby of 2012

It’s hard to say which of the four contenders won the Great Leap Day Sitcom Derby of 2012. There was Parks & Recreation, which celebrated Jerry’s sweet sixteen on his 64th birthday and forgot to invite him. There was The Middle, whose Sue had a bit of a breakdown after her family forgot her February 29 birthday. And then there was Modern Family’s Cam, who when turning 40 sort of turned 10.



Most votes, though, would probably go to 30 Rock for effort. It wasn’t about birthdays: Tina Fey’s sitcom created a holiday, carols, a blue-and-yellow colour scheme and a new holiday character full of hope and aspiration, as an ode to the extra day and its extra opportunities. Santa-equivalent ‘Leap Day William’ was the result, with a huge moustache, his own Groundhog Day-like film starring Jim Carrey and Andie MacDowell, and – inexplicably – gills.