Watch this YouTuber write a Chainsmokers song in four minutes, one-handed

A brutal, one-handed parody

The Chainsmokers have made a career out of simple, chart-slaying tunes with the likes of Halsey, Daya and Coldplay. It’s not really news that their hits sound pretty alike one another, but a YouTuber called John Fassold has absolutely roasted the band’s melodic consistency. His video, released two days ago, has clocked up more than two million views with its send-up of the predictable, wipe-clean simplicity of their music. In just over four minutes of cut-together Snapchat videos, Fassold puts together a three-chord song that, yes, sounds like it could have been written by The Chainsmokers.

First come the three chords. “Walk them up and down,” Fassold advises, playing them with a single hand on his keyboard. Then, he says, “you want to find lyrics that talk about how hard it is being white and in love.” Fassold notices that their Coldplay collab, ‘Something Just Like This’, has a theme of “myths and shit” and for his Chainsmokers pisstake he decides on a theme of ‘champagne’. “We drank champagne when we were young and I know that you weren’t the one,” he snorts.

His final barbs come in the form of the noun-shaped focal-points that seem to randomly crop up in your average set of Chainsmokers lyrics. “Pick a random noun,” he advises, using an Internet tool to help him decide on ‘oak’, and ‘calculator’. “We used to sit by the oak by your parents’ house drinking our problems away,” he croons. “You always kept your calculator in your purse.”


Savage. See the method above, and the finished product below: