Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow attempted Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ dance routine

Oh Jon Snow, what have they made you do now.

The respected Channel 4 newsreader was subjected to recreating Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ dance routine on the ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’, which aired on Boxing Day.

In his brief cameo on the programme Snow attempts some of the Canadian rapper’s dance moves in the Channel 4 news studio, wearing his typical suit and loud tie combo. Each year Snow turns one of the year’s most successful songs into a news report that the contestants have to guess.

Teammates Richard Ayoade and Greg Davies correctly guessed that Snow was referring to Drakes’ video “where he dances in various unfurnished white rooms”. Neither Claudia Winkleman, David Mitchell, Rob Brydon or Jo Brand managed to identify the song.

His impersonation seems to have gone down well with viewers, judging by the impressed response from Twitter users.

Snow himself admitted he was reluctant to do it on Twitter. He follows a long line of high-profile ‘Hotline Bling’ impersonators including Donald Trump, Mike Tyson and Bernie Saunders.

Earlier this year, the long-serving broadcaster smoked skunk on camera for a report on Channel 4 news.