Channel 4’s New Sitcom ‘Crashing’ – A Who’s Who Of The Cast

The first episode of Channel 4’s lolz new sitcom Crashing aired last night (January 11). The show centres around a group of haphazard property guardians, who are all living together in a hospital in central London. We asked the show’s creator, writer and star, Phoebe Waller Bridge, to tell us a little bit about the gang you’ll be spending the next six weeks getting to know.

Lulu (Phoebe Waller Bridge)

Who is Lulu? “Lulu is a completely deluded young woman, who thinks she can just glide through life without any consequence, just doing anything she wants to do and everything will just fall into place. Which annoyingly it sort of does, she’s one of those people where that does actually happen. She’s a bit of a trickster and an emotional adrenalin junkie – she likes the rock and roll ride of meeting people, flirting with the and having sex with everybody.”

Why is she living in the hospital? “She came to find her old schoolmate, Anthony, and follows him to London. She’s hoping that she’ll find somewhere to live, obviously, again in a very deluded fashion, but she does find somewhere to live. Annoyingly.

What should we look out for? “She likes a drink. After she has a drink, she slightly turns into a different person.”

What’s her spirit animal? “A unicorn, even though unicorns don’t actually exist – that would sum up her idea of what a spirit animal is.”

Her favourite band: “Arctic Monkeys.”

What dinner would she cook the other hospital-mates? “Toast.”

Housemate rating: 3/10

Anthony (Damien Molony)

Who is Anthony? “Anthony is this kind of brooding, cool guy, who thinks he has it all down. He’s got a place to live, a girlfriend who loves him and a job that he’s passionate about even though it’s not really going anywhere. And he is somebody who can’t make a decision for himself. So is actually much less in control than he gives away.”

Why is he is the hospital? “He’s in the hospital because his girlfriend told him to live there.”

What should be look out for? “There’s a very emotional sex-scene!”

What’s his spirit animal? “A Shetland pony.”

His favourite band? “His girlfriend’s would be Mumford & Sons, so he’d probably choose Mumford & Sons as well.”

What dinner would she cook the other hospital-mates? “A really spicy curry.”

Housemate rating: 7/10

Kate (Louise Ford)

Who is Kate? “She just wants to get through this phase in her life so she can eventually be an adult. She’s quite highly strung, quite anal, but that’s only a result of the fact that it’s quite hard to save money and to work hard and to keep a relationship and everything else. So she’s actually very ambitious, and a very sweet person, who’s really stressed all the time.”

Why is she in the hospital? “She’s saving money. Both her and Anthony are there, so she could save money for their wedding and to put a deposit on a flat. But she definitely, definitely wants a normal flat – that’s what she’s saving for.”

What should we look out for? “Her best moments are when Melody gets hold of her. We’ll leave it there.”

What’s her spirit animal? “A meerkat.”

Her favourite band? “Mumford & Sons.”

What dinner would she cook the other hospital-mates? “Salmon fillets.”

Housemate rating: 10/10

Sam (Jonathan Bailey)

Who is Sam? “Sam is a massively over-confident dickhead. The idea is that when you’re watching him, you should think ‘what an arsehole; I can’t stand that guy. But I can’t wait for him to take his top off. He never runs out of energy, he wants to cause trouble, he wants to be the controversial one and he wants to have sex. Ideally, he’d be having sex all the time.”

Why is he living in the hospital? “Because he thinks it will get him sex, and because he likes living in a funky place – he thinks it’s cool.”

What should we look out for? “He has no filter, physically or emotionally, so those moments.”

His spirit animal? “A really energetic, tiny panther.”

His favourite band? “He puts the party playlist on on Spotify.”

What dinner would he cook the other hospital-mates? “I think he might surprise everyone, actually. I think he’d end up making some kind of unbelievably delicious Italian spread.”

Housemate rating: 4/10

Fred (Amit Shah)

Who is Fred? “Fred is a very sweet computer analyst. He has lived a very quiet life – no one’s really paid much attention to him. He’s all good – he’s good to the bones.”

Why is he living in the hospital? “He’s in the hospital because he thought it would help him socialise with people more, and he’s a big saver for the future, and he thought he’d just get his head down, live somewhere cheap where he might meet new people.”

What should we look out for? “He’s a good little dancer! And I suppose the moment that he blooms as a character – he completely changes his image, and that’s really funny.”

His spirit animal? “A roaring dormouse.”

His favourite band? “I think secretly it’s B-witched, but publicly I think he just has Radio 2 playing all the time.”

What dinner would he cook the other hospital-mates? “I think he’d cook chicken kiev for everybody.”

Housemate rating: 9/10

Melody (Julie Dray)

Who is Melody? “Melody is an incredibly bored artist. She is desperate to find the key to her masterpiece, and can’t find anything that inspires her in the world, because everybody is less interesting than she is. And she is really tired of men throwing themselves at her because she’s so beautiful – she’s just longing to find somebody that basically doesn’t want her.”

Why is she living in the hospital? “She’s in the hospital because she’s an artist, and she likes to have this huge expansive space where she can throw paint around and nobody will tell her off.”

What should we look out for? “She’s incredibly blunt, and she really, really, really does like to throw paint.”

What’s her spirit animal? “An amazing, bored bird. A sexy owl.”

Her favourite band? “Any kind of alternative, screaming band, that’s kind of half poetry, half music.”

What dinner would she cook the other hospital-mates? “She would probably cook something raw – it would all be raw.”

Housemate rating: 6/10

Colin (Adrian Scarborough)

Who is Colin? “Colin is a surprise housemate. He is a recently divorced, heartbroken man in his late-forties, and he is living in the dawn of a new beginning, and he doesn’t wanna be there.”

Why is he living in the hospital? “He ends up there because his wife humiliates him so much at his own house that he ends up moving in there at Melody’s insistence.”

What should we look out for? “A lot of crying.”

What is his spirit animal? “I actually think he’s a grizzly bear, but we don’t find that out ‘til later.”

His favourite band? “Colin, I reckon, is a big fan of Bach.”

What dinner would he cook the other hospital-mates? “He’d make a sort of delicious, Eastern, spicy noodle and dumpling dish.”

Housemate rating: 8/10