Charlotte Church On The Tories, Chris Moyles And Not Listening To Her Own Music

Hello, Charlotte. In 2012 you met David Cameron at the Conservative Party Conference. This year you’re disrupting it as part of The People’s Assembly Against Austerity. What’s changed?
“Back then I was talking to him as part of Hacked Off, about putting the stuff from the Leveson Report into a viable regulatory system. I found him really rude.”

He might just not have wanted to listen to anyone from a working-class background.
“(Laughs) Yes totally. I think he’s a tool. I got involved in People’s Assembly by accident – after the election there was a protest in Cardiff which I went to, then I was asked if I’d be involved in the London demo. I was speaking to Sam [Duckworth, aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly] about the one planned for Manchester and I’ve ended up organising these gigs.”

That’s a lot of emails.
“Yes! It’s my first time as a promoter! I spoke to Gruff from the Super Furries first and they said yes, so I was over the moon because they are epically brilliant.”


In the press release it says you’ll set the stage alight, which sounds risky.
“There will be no physical inferno. No damage, no violence, just love.”

If you could remove the Tories from power tomorrow, would you?
“Yes, but I wouldn’t remove them from life. It’s important to have everyone’s views represented.”

If you’re saying you’d remove them from power after they were democratically elected, are you saying democracy is only useful if you get what you want, and isn’t that quite Tory?
“I don’t think the voting system is particularly democratic.”

Did you like my trick question? I think that was a pretty good trick question.
“Yes, I think it’s a good question. Maybe I wouldn’t remove them from power tomorrow – I might give them a grace period so we could get a coalition together.”

I’d advise against the grace period. I had to work three months’ notice in a job once and knowing what I did to the stationery cupboard in that time I worry about what the Tories would do to the country.
“Yeah, shit, you’re right man.”


Are you pleased to hear Chris Moyles back on the radio?
“I’ve never been a fan.”

Have you listened to ‘Tissues And Issues’ recently?

Your 2005 album.
“Do you know what, I can’t say that I have.”

Well let me tell you this: ‘Moodswings (To Come At Me Like That)’ – still a banger.
“Oh bless your cotton socks. Fair enough. Thank you!”