Check out The Lemon Twigs spitting bars as kids

Live Large is the rap track by the D'Addario brothers

We already knew The Lemon Twigs were preternaturally gifted when the teens from Long Island, New York put out their debut album last year. ‘Do Hollywood’ was an astounding album, on which they alternately sounded like the Beach Boys, Tom Petty, the Beatles, and Queen – and on which they looked like they were heralding some kind of glam resurgence. But thanks to this brilliant video from when they were even younger, we know the musical talents run back to their childhood – and it wasn’t always about the ’70s for the D’Addario brothers.

“We’s ’bout to bust some rhymes for y’all, G!” they exclaim at the start of this YouTube-buried rendition of their own rap, ‘Live Large’. “I might seem to you like just a little kid,” run the lyrics, “but my mind is on fire and my dreams are big.” It gets better: “It’s true most of my heroes are Canadians and rockers, like Ben Stiller (better known as Gaylord Focker) / I love guitar, Jimi Hendrix and The Who, rockin’ out it’s what I love to do – I live large“.

If you’re wondering what two kids are doing with a load of random instruments including a gong, it might help to learn that their dad, Ronnie D’Addario, is a session musician who’s released albums of his own. Last November their mum Susan explained the latter to CBS: “That was during The Who period. They wanted a gong, they got a gong.”

The band’s production values have gone up significantly since they signed to 4AD – check out their brilliantly meta new video for ‘I Wanna Prove To You’ below.