Check Out Drenge’s ‘Blood+Milk’ Zine Artwork

Eoin and Rory Loveless, better known as Drenge, are interviewed in full in this week’s NME about their dedication to Sheffield’s underground scene and also how they caught the Zine-creating bug. We’re very proud to present an issue of their zine, introduced by the band themselves:

Our zines used to be called Blood+Milk, which was the original title for Backwaters. This is the second issue we put together. The first being somewhat of a failure, making 8 copies for our first gig, no one turning up, then offloading them onto some mates as ‘gifts’. For some ungodly reason, we decided to make 100 and give them out at our next gig, supporting Wet Nuns at Old Number 7. When we handed them out, most people refused to take a copy of just left them behind. We had about 20 copies left until someone vomited all over them.

This copy included…

A badly written and horribly spelled article about punk in 2011.

Some music/film recommendations from Rory (Davila 666, Paris is Burning) and Me (Perfume Genius, Wings of Desire).

A Mr. and Ms. style ‘interview-come-game’ with Wet Nuns.

A page of no holds barred abuse aimed directly at the local scene by an anonymous guest writer (Exclusive(!) excerpt… “Jesus you fools. Go out on a limb, find a band no-ones heard of, keep them to yourself and rip them off if that’s what it takes… FOR ALL: GROW A PAIR YOU BALLS OF TURD.)

A game of I Spy/Bingo to play in the bar between bands. (A beard, tears, a dead cat)

An advert for our next gig at the Green Room on March 3rd 2011.