Check Out The First Trailer For Louis Theroux’s Upcoming Documentary ‘My Scientology Movie’

Your friend and mine, Louis Theroux, aka arguably the greatest documentarian of his generation, has made a new film about Scientology, the alien-based religion that lots of famous people – including Tom Cruise and John Travolta – are well into.

Speaking to NME a few weeks ago, Louis explained the inspiration behind My Scientology Movie: “I’d seen an explanation of why people wanted to leave Scientology, but I hadn’t got a sense of why they joined. I was interested in the seduction, why they would go along with the various practices that had been alleged for years, if not decades. [The film is] an attempt to create that mindset of being conditioned in behaviours outside of the norm.”

Well, there are certainly plenty of behaviours that seem outside the norm in a trailer that has surfaced online, via a Dutch YouTube channel. The film has secured a UK cinema release for “later in 2016”, according to its distributor, but for now let’s feast on the teaser below.

How David Lynch is it when the camera cuts to that eerily deadpan bloke holding the camcorder up to Louis’ face? How totally Louis is it to politely implore Catherine for reason and rationality? One thing is certain: My Scientology Movie looks unmissable.