Check Out the World’s First Fully-Functioning Lego Guitar

Ever wish that you could merge your Christmas list into one singular item? Well, wish no more. Italian woodwork company Pavan has combined the coolest children’s toy (Lego) with the coolest adult’s toy (a guitar) to make a fully-functioning, block-based musical instrument. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before, you ask? We don’t know either.

While the neck of the guitar is made from wood as normal, the rest of the instrument’s body and head is entirely built of Lego bricks. Amazingly, as you can see in the video below, it even sounds like a normal six-string. Even more amazingly, the only glue used is near the screws, presumably meaning that you can switch up your brick colours, add some decoration or a little Lego man on the top as and when you like.

Have a look for yourself at this impressive feat of tiny block engineering and get working on your Lego keyboards and drums. World’s first Lego band, anyone?