This Artist Draws Star Wars Character Portraits Inspired By Traditional Chinese Art

While the dust may have finally settled following the global pandemonium caused by the long-awaited release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last November, it seems that the internet’s appetite for George Lucas’ creations has in no way subsided.

Fan appreciations of the Star Wars universe are many and varied – from cosplaying at comic book conventions to accomplished A Cappella summations of the series in 99 seconds, Star Wars fans truly are a dedicated and passionate bunch. But how many of them are internationally-renowned artists who’ve collaborated with the likes of 7-Eleven, Heineken and Coca Cola?

Well, there’s at least one – today, we present some rather cool galaxy-inspired illustrations from Hong Kong artist Tik Ka, who specialises in the “So Ha” style of art which, according to the bio on his site, “demonstrates different aspects of traditional Chinese culture with loveable baby characters.” Ka’s style also draws on traditional Chinese culture that “fuses distinct Chinese characteristics with Western elements and Japanese superflat technique [to] create his own narrative and recognisable style.”

We’re not sure that the likes of Darths Maul and Vader fall under the description of “loveable baby characters”, but, hey, there you go – take a look at some of Ka’s creations below, and follow his artistic journey on Facebook here.

驅除悪運 辟邪鎮宅 #中式沙鍋 #tikka #迪嘉

Posted by Tik Ka 迪嘉 on Wednesday, 2 December 2015