We tried the new eyeliner by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Kat Von D

NME goes QVC with Kat Von D x Billie Joe's new Basketcase make-up

One thing no-one can deny: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has a very strong look. The man is no stranger to a little eyeliner, so the pop-punk hero has teamed up with the Californian tattoo artist Kat Von D – you might recognise her from the America reality show LA Ink – to create Basket Case, a new eyeliner available from Kat Von D Beauty and named after Green Day’s 1994 hit. Of course, we wanted a piece of the action, which is why we invited Kat Von D Beauty artist Jack to the NME office to give us a much-needed makeover.

Jack showed us two looks: “the classic Billie Jo guyliner smudge,” as he described it, and another that was “a little more blown-out and full-on”. That second look was the wild and anarchic, the kind of appearance you wake up with after a three-day bender on the Sunset Strip. Jack reckons anyone can imitate this: “You just pop it out, scribble and then just smudge it and you’re done.” One thing he neglected to mention was that the eyeliner is actually quite hard to remove, so NME had to go to the pub afterwork still rocking the Billie Joe look.

You can buy Basket Case eyeliner at debenhams.com and at select branches for £17