Check Out This Unseen Footage Of An Entire, Intimate 2003 Libertines Gig

Anyone familiar with the chequered history of The Libertines will know that 2003 was the most rollercoaster year of them all.

On one hand, you had an increasingly fervent fan base, a (brilliant) second album in the pipeline and the success of ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’. On the other you had a stint in prison (after Pete Doherty burgled Carl Barât’s flat), the increasing spectre of drugs and the beginnings of what would result in their demise the following year.

The latter meant that gigs with both Pete and Carl in attendance were decreasing by the month, but the former meant that the ones where they did both show up were nothing short of electric.

Washington filmmaker Matthew Levin caught one of these gigs on camera and – after unearthing it 12 years later – has made footage of the entire show available to stream. Filmed at the end of the band’s US tour on May 5, 2003 at Philadelphia’s North Star Bar, it’s as up-close and personal as they come. So as the band return to action with comeback album ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’, this is an exciting reminder of why we cared so much in the first place.

Check it out below.