Check Out Tomb Raider’s Bizarre, Sadistic Promotional Stunt

If the makers of The Rise Of The Tomb Raider really wanted to give a group of eight survivalist a realistic idea of what Lara Croft has to go through in the latest game, they’d be dropping them, virtually unarmed, in a snowfield full of bears, wolves and snow leopards and have operatives from a shadowy military organisation lob grenades at them every few minutes.

Instead, from 1pm today, they’re hoisting these hardy volunteers onto a billboard in Southwark Street, south London and subjecting them to 24 hours of the extremes of weather that Lara endures on her treks between snow-capped mountain regions and lush geothermal valleys full of crypts and caverns. And the public get to choose what hits them next – violet snowstorms, icy winds, sudden heat bursts or arctic chill.

The last of these gaming David Blaines left standing will be rewarded a trip inspired by the game. And lifelong frostbite, no doubt.

Follow the action on the live stream below.