Chief Really Are Boss

Chief are yet another rad band penned to London punk zone Household Name Records, and if you don’t know these Liverpool lads by now, do take a moment to get acquainted.


Born out of a passionate and somewhat sweaty love affair with all things fast, loud and socially relevant, Chief are not your regular DIYers; they mean exactly what they play to the point that if you watch them live and have any common sense at all, you’ll probably explode in agreement.

Since the awesome delivery of ‘Provocation Of The Nation’ – a bundle of hard hitting yet melodic punk rock anthems – Chief have gone on to gain respect from pretty much everyone who hears them, even my mum (and FYI you don’t argue with a Mancunian mum).

I last saw them at an all dayer in March with Milloy and The Arteries where it became clear once again that Chief really are one of the most exciting British punk bands we’ve got.

And that’s just in their spare time; in between impressing the crap out of the underground scene the band are all at uni and working day jobs. However, you can catch them supporting the mighty Propaghandi with welsh rioters The Arteries in London on Sunday(19th). Seriously, you lucky southern bastards, get right down the front for this cos you’re gonna love it. To the max.