China’s President Has Released A Propaganda Video In The Form Of A Rap Song

Countless political figures have turned to hip-hop in an attempt to attract voters and mollify the public: George Osborne proclaiming his love for NWA and Michelle Obama rapping about why kids should go to college, just to name two recent examples.

But now things have been taken to a whole new level, with China’s state broadcaster CCTV releasing a rap-themed propaganda video in support of President Xi Jinping, who is known in the country as ‘Big Daddy Xi’ (yes, really), which could definitely be his new rap moniker.

The rap features a local performer called Wu Wenduo, along with samples of select Xi speeches. It attempts to gather support for Xi’s anti-corruption plans, with choice highlights like: “Cure the water. Cure the air. Cure the land. CURE, CURE, CURE, CURE. Clear water and lush mountains equals a mountain of gold” and “Streamline the administration and delegate power to lower levels and unleash energy” (translated from Chinese, of course).

Watch the entire thing below.