Chris Martin On NME Radio: What Are Your Favourite One Hit Wonders?

Hiya, Chris Martin from the Evening Show here, and I need your help.

Every Thursday from 7pm on the show we make a fictional mixtape based around a common theme. We’ve had some great suggestions recently and have had themes like Top Whistling Tracks and Top Air-Drumming Tracks, and last week we attempted the Indie One Hit Wonder mixtape.

Check out some of the classics we came up with and let us know your favourite one hit wonder below. Also, let us know what themes you think we should tackle in the coming weeks.

I’ve got a fascination with the indie one-hit wonder. Sometimes a band pens a shock hit, a tune that shouldn’t really grab public attention in the way that it did. Sometimes it’s a great band inexplicably finally breaking into public superstardom only to vanish just as quickly. Or maybe they have one hit and can’t take the strain (I’m looking at you New Radicals). I think these guys belong in a category of their own. The ‘so bad it’s good’ category. Step forward that staple of early nineties indie discos Sultans of Ping FC:

I was going to follow that with Electric Six ‘Danger, High Voltage’ but I’ve just seen that ‘Gay Bar’ got to number 5 in the charts. Number 5! Jeez. Another choice for me would be The Blood Arm‘Suspicious Character’. That one had every club I played for about six months chanting “I like all the girls and all the girls like me” and now no-one has a clue about them! However, my final vote goes with these guys.

Top tune. Narrowly missing the cut for my Top Three were Black Box Recorder’s ‘Facts of Life’, Peter, Bjorn and John’s ‘Young Folks’ and, not very indie but an amazing track Mr Oizo and ‘Flatbeat’.

No doubt your mind’s a seething hive of activity, desperately throwing up you favourites. Well, that’s what the comments section is for.

Let us know your favourite one hit wonders, and don’t forget to tune in tonight for a new mixtape, which is all about songs under two minutes. Suggestions for those welcome too…