Chris Martin Takes Flight In Coldplay’s New Video, ‘Strawberry Swing’

There’s a new Coldplay video out, which means bloggers worldwide must dutifully trot out a few sentences on the fact that ‘Strawberry Swing’ is the band’s most Innovative Video Yet, thanks to the creative input of visual artists Shynola (Blur’s ‘Crazy Beat’, Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song’).

And sure, the central visual theme, whereby Chris Martin dresses as a superhero and flies through a shape-shifting cartoon-style backdrop, is pretty impressive.

But it’s not that ground-breaking or unexpected. It’s not like Martin dresses as Bruno and starts armpit-farting the Marseillaise. But it’s a slick, fresh-looking video all the same. So well done, Shynola.

You’ll find the full version here. And here’s a clip:

‘Strawberry Swing’ is released digitally on September 14