Chris Moyles’ Radio X Debut Show – Five Big Talking Points

XFM relaunched this morning as Radio X, with ex-BBC bad boy Chris Moyles in the hot seat. But how did he go down? We tuned in to find out….

What was the music like?

Ever controversial, the first track of the three and a half hour show was something of a curveball. After 28 minutes of chat, the opening song of the show was Girls Aloud’s 2004 hit ‘Love Machine’ followed by Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’. Courteeners, Florence + The Machine and Oasis also got played, though Moyles spent a significant amount of time mocking the ‘fresh rock’ soundtrack the station was pitched as having.

Was it as blokey as many predicted?

The Girls Aloud moment was a knowing nod to the press release which stated that Radio X was to be a ‘male-focused’ station. “There’s been a lot of ‘confused’ press about Radio X,” said Moyles on air. “A lot of people took that as Radio X being a radio station for blokes. That was news to me… Let me be the first of many Radio X DJs to say that’s a load of balls. I don’t care if you’re male, female, gay, straight, white, black. It was just a marketing thing – it should never have gone out in the press release.”

Was it popular?

Despite Moyles being something of a Marmite character, it’s safe to say the show was a success. #MoylesIsBack was trending on Twitter, while the Radio X app crashed under the sheer weight of listeners. This meant the station had to sort out more server space, and Moyles himself was inundated with texts and calls from fans while he was on air. Say what you like about the DJ, but you can’t say he wasn’t missed.

How different did it feel to Moyles’ BBC Radio 1 show?

“I’m a nice man now,” said Moyles on the show, suggesting he’s turned over something of a new leaf. “I always was, but now I’m nicer.” The fact that his team is pretty much still the same – producer Pippa Taylor is back, as is newsreader Dominic Byrne, though Comedy Dave has fled the nest – means it certainly still sounds like his Radio 1 Breakfast show, which finished in 2012. The addition of adverts though, something which Moyles admitted to be far from comfortable with yet, proves that this is definitely a commercial venture.

What are the guests likely to be like?

Starting with a bang, the first guest of the show’s three-year run was Noel Gallagher, who was a regular on Moyles’ Radio 1 show. On for an hour, he managed to slag off Bloc Party, big up Johnny Marr and make questionable comments about drowning dogs. Moyles later dropped the news that Kelly Jones of Stereophonics would be on later in the week however, which doesn’t hold much hope for those who were thinking the station was going to be less laddish – but then also mentioned Taylor Swift as someone he wanted on the show. Watch this space…