Christmas With Crystal Castles

Christmas is just around the corner people, and we’re off into the blizzard for the annual NME bender any minute but before that, here’s Crystal Castles looking back over the year and getting in the festive spirit – sort of. Grab this week’s issue – a double bumper Chrimbo special – for more seasonal Q&As with the likes of Foals, Warpaint, Vampire Weekend and Darwin Deez plus an exclusive Beady Eye interview, a chat with The Drums, a massive 2011 calendar, and loads more.

Who was your your favourite new act of 2010?
Ethan: “Male Bonding’s debut album came out this year. Love it.”

And your tip for 2011?
Alice: “Bananarama”

What are you getting for Christmas?
Ethan: “Mittens”

Who’s coming round for Christmas dinner?
Ethan: “Kittens”
Which five people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dream Xmas dinner?
Ethan: “1987-era Guns N’ Roses”

What would happen at a Crystal Castles Christmas dinner?
Alice: “We’d sacrifice Axl to the goat gods.”

What would be your festive meal of choice?
Alice: “Kittens.”

Who would win in a fight between Jesus and Santa?
Alice: “The one with the bigger dick.”

What’s the most drunk you’ve ever been on Christmas day?
Ethan: “When I had a hot make-out session with my sister. So embarassing.”

If Crystal Castles were ever going to cover a Christmas song, what would it be?
Ethan: “Is [Slayer’s] ‘Raining Blood’ a Christmas song?”

Is Jesus a Crystal Castles fan?
Ethan: “It hasn’t come up.”

Which big news story has entertained you the most?
Ethan: “All of them.”

Which one has pissed you off the most?
Ethan: “None of them.”

Who is the biggest dickhead of the year?
Ethan: “Mother Teresa.”
Alice: “I’ve never met her, but you can just tell.”

Who’s the biggest hero?
Alice: “Patricia Routledge”

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?
Ethan: “More pointless vandalism.”

The NME Christmas special has more festive Q&As with Carl Barat, Willow Smith and Best Coast, plus the likes of Theo from Hurts, Brett Anderson and Jonathan Ross reviewing the tracks of the year and much more.

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