Willow Robinson brings out the sun on night four of NME and BFI present: CineJam supported by Zig-Zag

The summer-long festival of live music and film is well underway

The fourth night of NME and BFI present: CineJam supported by Zig-Zag took place last night (July 26) at the top of south-east London’s Bussey Building, with Rooftop Film Club. 

The sold-out event treated the crowd of music and film fans to live music from Willow Robinson and a film in the form of 2000’s High Fidelity, as well as drinks and food at Rooftop Film Club’s panoramic location.

Opening the event curated by Bastille was guitarist Willow Robinson, who played a seven-song set that featured his recent EP title track ‘Ocean Blue’ and forthcoming single ‘In A Daze’. Rain had been threatening all day, but Robinson’s set kept it at bay in advance of the night’s film screening.

Willow Robinson played:
‘Ocean Blue’
‘Make A Name’
‘In A Daze’
‘Hope In Our Eyes’
‘Heart Of The City’
‘Deserve Us Of The Sun’

Following the blustering set of live music, a glorious sunset preceded the screening of cult film High Fidelity, the 2000 adapation of Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel of the same name, which focusses on a record shop owner in Chicago and stars John Cusack, Jack Black and Iben Hjejle.

Bastille’s Dan Smith said of the film: ”Obviously it’s really funny, but it’s a nice warm insight into the world of record shops. My own record collection is very loosely formed in categories that maybe only make sense in my head!”

Willow Robinson at Cinejam

Willow Robinson at CineJam. Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes / TIMEINCUK / NME

Speaking to NME ahead of the evening’s entertainment, Willow Robinson said: “I love movies: I’ve always been around them and the process of making them.”

The son of Withnail & I director Bruce Robinson is based between London and LA, where he says “you casually see filmstars walking down the street – I walked past Scarlet Johansson on Hollywood Boulevard which was weird. Everyone you meet there is some kind of actor or producer. Even the Uber drivers, you’re like: ‘Hey, what do you do?’ They’re like: ‘producer, director, actor.’” 

NME and BFI present: CineJam supported by Zig-Zag is hosted at the Rooftop Film Club, Bussey Building, Peckham. The big screen event runs from July 5 to August 30, 2017 – find more information here.

Next up in the series is Norwegian pop sensation Dagny, who will play a live set in advance of a screening of 1996’s Trainspotting.