Circus Act Are Dead… But They Live Again For A Bit (Free MP3 Bonanza!)

Over four years ago I got the ‘No History, No Consequences’ CD from an angry little band by the name of Circus Act, and it was a total rocket to the brain, all brutalised guitars slicing sweet melodies into something really bloody raw. They split up two years ago – the original title for this blog was ‘Circus Act Are Fucking Dead’ but then I realised a) Welcome to two years ago, douchebag and b) Literally every punk band in the world who split up puts a MySpace thing up saying they’re ‘fucking dead’. Cheers, Refused – but are going to play a couple of shows this month in Brighton and Southampton!

Oh, and there’s like a kajillion awesome free MP3s to be had from them.

A few days ago, I put up something on the blog about The Get Up Kids and emo and all that rubbish – Circus Act are old-school punk rock in the same sense of Braid and Sunny Day Real Estate but with much more bite. Check out ‘Shit/Fan Interface’ (right-click to download) from ‘No History…’. It was the opening track, and the first time I put it on in my small uni room I thought the entire building was in the process of being munched by some kind of scaly demon.

In a good way? In a good way.

What’s more, they’ve put up a whole load of free tunes for you lot to download right here – yeah, they’ve been around for ages and chances are you might already be well-acquainted with them, but they’re BRILLIANT.

The two new dates are:
Sun 16th Aug – Hector’s House, Brighton with Spraynard, Bangers and others.
Sun 23rd Aug – The Hobbit, Southampton. All-dayer with You Me And The Atom Bomb and loads of others.