Clean Cut Kid on rowdy crowds, destroying drum kits and itching to play TOPMAN ON TOUR WITH NME

The Liverpool band will preview tracks from their debut album 'Felt' in Nottingham this month

In partnership with TOPMAN
Playing Nottingham on NME and TOPMAN’s jaunt around the unis of Britain are teen singer-songwriter Will Joseph Cook and indie-poppers Clean Cut Kid. CCK’s Mike Halls is psyched…

Are you looking forward to the show?
“‘Looking forward to’ is an understatement! It will have been the longest patch we’ve had since we signed our deal when we haven’t been consistently touring, so everyone’s climbing out of their skin to get onstage. The album’s taken two years to make. It’s been a labour of love and we’re really happy with the results, but it’s been tough. So we need a whole year of letting our hair down on tour.”

Will you be tearing up Nottingham, then?
“We’ve always stayed out and partied there. We’ve played the Bodega twice now and both times we wound up with complaints that people couldn’t see the gig because it was that sold-out. It’s a boss city.”

Will you be bringing the bouncing epic pop vibe?
“It’s bouncing epic pop, but very much a guitar-based thing. Our drummer has to replace his kits every other gig. He just drums through kits – he’s like a John
Bonham [from Led Zeppelin] style drummer. The bassist is a mad caveman guy with half his head shaved and dreadlocks, diving around the stage playing bass like it’s a guitar.”

Are you prepared for the rowdy student crowd?
“There are scales of rowdy. At the end of last year we did the arenas with The Courteeners and that’s a rowdy crowd. At one gig I looked up and a full pint hit me on the bridge of the nose, exploded and covered Ross [Higginson, drums] head to toe in beer. My nose and eye socket swelled up so big I could barely take in air to do the tune. I don’t think it’ll be quite on that level.”

Clean Cut Kid’s new single ‘Leaving You Behind’ is out now. Debut album ‘Felt’ will be released on April 28


…and there’s more to come!

Tue March 14
Nottingham Trent University
Featuring: Clean Cut Kid, Will Joseph Cook

Fri March 17
Strathclyde University, Glasgow
Featuring: Fickle Friends

Sat March 18
Hull University
Featuring: Fickle Friends, Will Joseph Cook

Wed March 22
Leeds University
Featuring: Will Joseph Cook

Thu March 23
University Of East Anglia, Norwich
Featuring: Fickle Friends, Will Joseph Cook

Fri March 24
University Of Sheffield
Featuring: Fickle Friends, Will Joseph Cook

Fri March 31
Loughborough University
Featuring: Fickle Friends

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