Clenched Fists And Horn Hands – Punk/Metal Scene Report

Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman on the latest and greatest punk and metal

At present I’m in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been here a week, and before that we were in Austin. I love it there, it’s awesome. Even when SXSW’s not happening it’s still got a really strong scene, and we’ve got a load of friends there too.

There are so many venues and bands to check out as well, and funnily enough the first band I wanna mention is from Austin. They’re called Iron Age, and they have this record out called ‘The Sleeping Eye’ which I’d say is like all the best parts of Slayer mixed with all the best parts of Sleep smashed into one big crossover album. Check it out, it’s awesome.

There’s also this band Closure from Leeds who we met on our last tour. They’re super-intense, and completely in-your-face. I remember we were in Huddersfield when they covered Black Sabbath’s ‘Black Sabbath’ and it was just crushing. They only have a demo out right now, but it’s brutal. I’d say they’re a power-violence band perfect for fans of Infest, Crossed Out and No Comment.

From Brooklyn, New York is this band Nomos. They’ve got a demo out on Deranged Records and it’s been getting a lot of plays in our van. It’s like early ’80s American hardcore. I haven’t managed to see them live yet but I really want to. They’ve got a split coming out with a band called The Men, who I’d also recommend.

Another band I’m really excited about are Touché Amore. They’re from Los Angeles, they’re post-hardcore, and the shows they’re playing right now in southern California are incredible. They are just taking over. They’re the band right now in LA for token hardcore shows, and kids are just going crazy over them. I’d really recommend you check them out.

Lee’s Top 5
1. Iron Age – ‘Sleeping Eye Of The Watcher’
2. Closure – ‘Hammer’
3. Touché Amore – ‘Honest Sleep’
4. Nomos – ‘Omar Hammami’
5. The Men – ‘Twist The Knife’