Closure – Home Brewed Yorkshire Brutality

Leeds is home to a few of my favourite bands right now; These Monsters, Castrovalva, That Fucking Tank, Pulled Apart By Horses, Chickenhawk et al, and whilst recent years have seen countless chic Yorkshire indie hipsters and shiny pop starlets grace daytime TV and national radio, there’s also been an altogether darker life form emerging from the disruptive guts of northern punk rock.

Photo: Ricky Adam

The reputation of one such band hasn’t gone unnoticed on the DIY scene. I recently asked Sacramento thrashcore titans Trash Talk which bands, if any, had caught their attention lately, and they were all in agreement about Leeds’ sludge fiends, Closure.

If you like your pits scary and your digits in danger of getting broken, you‘ll love the sheer force of this raw quartet. They provide an outlet for your aggressions thanks to their dirty, grimy riffs which come from the place few dare to venture: the power violence school of rock rebellion.

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘power violence’, let’s be clear; it doesn’t mean Closure enjoy running at you with an axe and then crowning themselves kings of the dales, but rather, they play a sub genre of hardcore which entitles your inner demons to be exorcised for the duration of a 20 minute set. Winner. Think Crossed Out and Infest but with a fondness for Yorkshire Puddings, perhaps.

There yet? Nice one. Most of Closure’s EPs have sold out via their MySpace but you can still buy last December’s 7″ release ‘Thirty Days Of Night’.
If you’re on the mainland, catch them in Europe with hometown buddies Mouth throughout June. Their current UK summer dates are as follows:

August 5, The Well, Leeds (supporting Trash Talk)
August 27, The Packhorse, Leeds

So gear yourself up with this free MP3 called ‘Starve’ which will be released in the next month on Hit Time Records. The track will be part of a four-way split with fellow Leeds bands Bonestorm, Torn Apart and Mouth. Let me know what you think and more importantly, which HC (or similar) bands you want to know more about.

Here’s a free track: Closure – ‘Starve’