This Cloud Really Looks Like Morrissey

If you managed a quick glance skywards yesterday you might have noticed some pretty weird cloud formations. Staring back at us, like some sort of indie deity, was Smiths legend Morrissey in cloud form – complete with extra-wispy eyebrows.

Now we’re not saying this is a sign that The Smiths are reforming, but it’s a sign The Smiths are reforming. What more proof do you need than an obvious divine intervention?

The message from upon high comes just days after an official Smiths Twitter account was set up for the iconic Manchester band. The first tweet was fairly straightforward – “Please note this account is purely to celebrate the history and the music of The Smiths.” A firm no then? But Morrissey’s cryptic response on his website that we should “follow it at your peril” didn’t stop the speculation by any means.

So, apart from being an unbelievable spot, could this handsome devil in the sky be the supernatural prod Morrissey and Marr need to get back together again? They say every cloud has a silver lining, and a Smiths reunion would be very precious indeed. Check out the snap below, posted by none other than Ordinary Boys mainman Samuel Preston.