Club NME Vox Pops – Meet The Beautiful People

As KOKO gears up for another edition of Club NME tonight with The Chapman Family and O Children, we take a look at some of last week’s punters…

Club NME Steve

Name: Steve Fenn
Age: 22
From: Norwich
What’s your poison: Peroni.
What are you wearing: T-Shirt from Howies, Levi 751 Jeans.
Have you pulled tonight: No.
What’s your favourite biscuit: Chocolate hob-nob, obviously.
Best band at the moment: Frank Turner
Thoughts on Lily Allen and the filesharing debate: I don’t agree with filesharing at all, I think people should give credit where its due and buy an album.

Club NME Debra

Name: Debra
Age: 22
From: Glasgow
What’s your poison: Gin and tonic
What are you wearing: This top was my mum’s which I cut up and the belt is from Zara, the rest I just sort of fell into my wardrobe.
Have you pulled tonight: Partially.
Who: Stary hat man.
Favourite biscuit: Chocolate hob nob.
Best band at the moment: Lulu and The Lampshades.
Thoughts on Kate Moss pursuing a career in music: Fuck off and stick to your own genre.

Club NME Jade

Name: Jade.
Age: 24.
From: Sydney, Australia.
What’s your poison: Rose, Sambuca, red wine, white wine and vodka and Coke.
What are you wearing: Primark’s finest, a studded blue dress.
Have you pulled tonight: Who knows yet.
Favourite biscuit: Jim-Tam, (Aussie Penguin equivalent).
Best band at the moment: Band of Skulls and She Wants Revenge.

Club NME Josh

Name: Josh
Age: 25
From: London
What’s your poison: Beer
What are you wearing:Green Dunlops, checked shirt and jeans.
Have you pulled tonight: Not yet…
Favourite biscuit: Chocolate Hob Nobs
Best band at the moment: Not new but, The Maccabees, I’m seeing them tomorrow.

Club NME Heather

Name: Heather
Age: 22
From: British!
What’s your poison: White wine spritzer
What are you wearing: Flowered bond style dress
Have you pulled tonight: No
Favourite biscuit: Malted Milk
Best band at the moment: Montell Jordan
Thoughts on Lily Allen and the filesharing debate: Didn’t she actually steal someone’s reply to her blog and plagiarise it?

Club NME Tony

Name: Tony
Age: 25
From: Isle Of Man.
What’s your poison: Cider.
What are you wearing: Reiss and Diesel.
Have you pulled tonight: No.
Favourite biscuit: Custard Creams.
Best band at the moment: A bit gay but..Lady GaGa.
Will you be going to Glastonbury? No.

Club NME Duff

Name: Duff.
Age: 21.
From: Bedfordshire.
What’s your poison: Merlot.
What are you wearing: Vintage brown leather jacket, Levi’s jeans and Topman pumps.
Have you pulled tonight: I wouldn’t like to say.
Favourite biscuit: The dunkable Rich Tea dunked in tea.
Best band at the moment: Cribs circa Johnny Marr, best gig I have ever been to.

Club NME Claire

Name: Claire.
Age: 22.
From: Near Sheffield… would rather not say.
What’s your drink: Beer.
What are you wearing: An epic dress with a massive cat on it, tights because its a bit chilly this evening and my favourite boots that have unfortunately worn very loose and are now like wearing a pair of plant pots.
Fave biscuit: This is difficult because it is a close shave between a Jaffa Cake, a Bourbon or a Custard Cream…I will go for the Bourbon. You get more value for you money and they are dunkable.
Have you pulled tonight: A person, no. A few doors, yes. A few strings, also yes.
Best band at the moment: Gaslight Anthem’s latest album is quite epic, I do like the catchiness of the Florence and the Machine album too but the best at the moment would be…erm…I’m going to go with The Big Pink.
Thoughts on the Lily Allen filesharing debate: File sharing all the way when student debts haunt you like a horrifically violent ghost.